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Calls Recall Pro

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8.99 usd

電話錄音电话录音For Proofs and Sweet Memories
"Calls Recall" is your reliable and non-disruptive call recorder that records phone calls in the background without user attention.
Minimalism is the goal.
You can record conversation for unlimited duration and later replay the recordings and share them via Email, Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Dropbox or Google Drive.
You can automatically upload recordings to Google Drive and Dropbox, so you can get them anywhere and anytime you want.
PLEASE make sure you go through application's setting screen and check FAQ at support website.
[About Recording Quality]
First of all, recording qualify depends completely on your phone and your line. If your phone has a weak microphone/speaker design or your operator's line is noisy. Nothing any recorder can do.
You can understand on your PC the recording quality depends on your MIC's quality, right? Your phone is just another PC and a build-in MIC.
So please think reasonably before post a rating. You have nothing to lose anyway. Just be fair.
You can choose to record from LINE or MIC. When recording from LINE (set from Settings, default is MIC), you will get premium quality and it is immune to environmental noises. But not all phones support this feature. If your phone does not support this feature you will fail to record your calls, then please switch to record from MIC.
Don't run other recording app (even in the background) at the same time. They conflicts with each other.